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We Are the Moms Who Expat…

Yes, we are moms who expat, however we welcome ALL adults who want to travel the world with the children in their lives.
Dads and moms traveling with kids is the new normal.
​Ask questions, share a story, seek recommendations, follow us around online. Travel safe!

Moms Traveling with Kids - Melissa

Melissa Murphy

Living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Melissa loved vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. She would speak longingly to her husband about how great it would be to live there. Years passed and Melissa’s desire grew to a mission. Finally one night she told her husband that they either needed to go live that fantasy beach life or stop speaking about it. Everyone in the family took the leap of faith, sold everything, and moved to the beach they had been day dreaming about.

Moms Traveling with Kids - Veronica

Veronica Hanson

Living in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Life has a funny way of showing you when you are on the right path. For Veronica, a missing toy turned into a multiple year journey towards minimalism. Minimalism lead to renting out her family’s home while she took her kids to 9 countries in 4 years. Then the pandemic revealed that her husband’s job and her business could all function 100% remotely. It took two months from Caribbean dream to full-time expat family life.

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